Hole by Hole Tour

View our fantastic course hole-by-hole with tips from Pro's on how to play each.

Hole 1

445 Yards | Par 4     406 Yards | Par 5

A tough start where you should play your tee shot as close as you dare to the left-hand bunker to give the best angle to the green. The second plays longer than it looks so trust your yardage, better long than short with water awaiting in front of the green.

Hole 2

413 Yards | Par 4     342 Yards | Par 4

The tee shot on this hole must be as far right as you dare to be able to see the green – unless you hit the ball 240 yards, anything in the centre will make your second a blind shot over the O.O.B. and the trees. The second shot is all uphill so be sure to take enough club especially if the pin is at the back.

Hole 3

381 Yards | Par 4     332 Yards | Par 4

Aim your drive down the left side of the fairway, well away from the bunker right and thick rough. You will gain a good line into a green that slopes off to the right.

Hole 4

182 Yards | Par 3     149 Yards | Par 3

Be sure of your yardage as the green is nearly 40 yards in length. If the flag shot is on the lower tier, a shot just short of the green will take the bunkers out of play.

Hole 5

437 Yards | Par 4     398 Yards | Par 4

With the fairway sloping from right to left aim your tee shot to favour the right side of the fairway. Then you will be faced with a difficult second with O.O.B close to the left side of the green. When selecting your club pay particular attention to the yardage as there is dead ground in front of the green that foreshortens the distance – go by your yardage.

Hole 6

197 Yards | Par 3     156 Yards | Par 3

Another testing par three where club selection is important. Gauge where the pin is on the green and try to leave the ball just below the hole for an easier uphill putt. The percentage shot if you are going to miss the green is to miss it on the left side.

Hole 7

490 Yards | Par 5     436 Yards | Par 5

Risk/reward – long hitters, if you take on the trees just in front of the right of the marker post, you will be in position to go for the green. Otherwise, a 3 wood down to the marker post and a rescue wood second could still offer you a birdie.

Hole 8

301 Yards | Par 4     270 Yards | Par 4

Although not long this hole can be a card wrecker because if you miss the green there is trouble waiting. So take whatever club from the tee that will get you on the fairway – ideally leave yourself the distance you can hit a full pitching wedge so you can control the shot to this shallow green.

Hole 9

498 Yards | Par 5     419 Yards | Par 5

It’s all on the drive – “should I or shouldn’t I?” with the carry over the water at 210 yards against the prevailing wind through a tight-ish gap, you will need to concentrate and be sure of your drive. Once negotiated, make use of the right side of the fairway as you hit over the second ditch.

Hole 10

406 Yards | Par 4     376 Yards | Par 4

The tee shot here is critical – long hitters can carry over the bunkers and avoid trouble and get a bounce down the slope – mortals should take care to avoid them by taking a three wood or long iron and have a longer shot. The second is to a tiered green and if the pin is at the back be sure to take enough club to get onto the back tier.

Hole 11

210 Yards | Par 3     114 Yards | Par 3

Tough Par 3 with an upturned green, the target area is very small. Best tip is to be patient and a 4 is not a bad score.

Hole 12

516 Yards | Par 5     401 Yards | Par 5

A par five to be played with brain rather than brawn. Only the longest hitters can get home in two so play your drive up the left to open up the angle to the fairway that turns right. When playing your second try and be as far right as you can without hitting the trees and this will leave the best angle up to the elevated green – take enough club.

Hole 13

408 Yards | Par 4     359 Yards | Par 4

A good tee shot at the marker post will get you off to a good start at this teasing hole. The second had to be exact as the bunkers stand sentry in front of the green which is only 26 yards deep so correct club selection is essential to get on the putting surface.

Hole 14

166 Yards | Par 3     131 Yards | Par 3

Unless the flag is at the front, big is beautiful as all the trouble is short of the mid point of the green.

Hole 15

351 Yards | Par 4     320 Yards | Par 4

For the longer hitters you will be rewarded for a high drive over the big tree left of the fairway. For everyone else, consider a 3 wood just left of the right hand bunker.

Hole 16

300 Yards | Par 4     269 Yards | Par 4

For longer hitters this is a genuine pick up hole, aim left side of the green and give it all you’ve got! Failing that, a lay-up short of the ditch will leave you a short iron into the green, but take care with your yardage as it is a narrow green.

Hole 17

437 Yards | Par 4     393 Yards | Par 5

The toughest hole on the course when played into a prevailing westerly. The drive is demanding as you have to fly the ditch which needs a carry of 190 yards. Then you are faced with the decision as to whether to lay-up or take on the stream that crosses the fairway in front of the green. There is also a pond on the left that you cannot see when playing your second – so if you are not confident of making the carry easily the smart shot is to play short and have a simple pitch to the green – a five here is always a good score!

Hole 18

512 Yards | Par 5     453 Yards | Par 5

Favour the left side of the fairway, from here long hitters can get home in two but mortals will find the natural contours of the ground takes the ball to the right. The approach shot should fly the ball all the way as there is a rise up to the green. Anything short will run into the right hand bunker – A five here is never bad!

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