Course Updates


Monday - Course Status Green.

St Michaels Hospice Day.

Greens rolled,

Fresh Coloured pins,

Holes painted,

Approaches nipped,

Fairway's Trimmed,

Tee's Cut,

1st Cut of Semi getting a top,

Walkways & Walk offs seeded now the Fairway's have been finished,

Bunkers Raked,

Block Paving sprayed last night for weeds, so coned off for a few hours to reduce the risk of unwanted dead grass 😷

Daily Setup tasks completed after the mowing is done, infront of play.


Sunday - Course Status Green.

Cracker of a morning.... 😎

Greens rolled,

Weed Spraying around Bunkers and spot treating a few areas too,

Daily Setup tasks minus Bunkers as we need to get on the Practice Ground Ball Collection asap 😬


Saturday Course Status - Green

With the course getting a set up and Greens getting a cut

Along with approaches

Then coming behind them, a cheeky spray 😏

Enjoy all 🤩


Friday - Course Status Green.

Greens getting another roll.

Fresh Coloured pin position's.

Tee's getting a trim,

With a close behind application of Wetting Agent to help keep them happy.

Fairway's getting a nip.

1st Cut of Semi topped.

Last few Fairway's Overseeded.

1st/9th Ditch Works continued.

Loads of other work done later on obviously as we dont just work in the morning's 😄


Thursday - Course Status Green.

Greens getting a roll to press in the recent dressing in.

A small % of it brought back up but still good steps forward 😃

Moisture levels checked to ensure we are within desired range.

Approaches trimmed.

Storm Debris collection.

Daily setup tasks

Soil transportation continues....


Wednesday - Course Status Green.

No mowing or Rolling operation to the Greens, just a pass from the Overheads to knock the sand in more & dew off.

Fresh coloured pin position's.

Fairway's getting a Messy Mow, expect some clippings with the early numbers while the Dew is heavy.

2nd Cut of Semi trimmed.

Tee Banks topped.

Fairway Seeding continues......

Soil transportation to the 1st/9th Ditch ongoing.

5th Spring getting some reinstatement work

Daily setup tasks.