Course Updates


Monday - Course Status "All Carry" 10th Tee Start, please carry if able. Another evening of biblical rain after such a nice cold dry period 😒 Daily setup tasks, along with 7th Greenside Bunker Works started. Have a good one all those whacking that ball around.


Sunday Course status red please carry if able. Course setup with tee set and divot, bunkers raked, blowing where required ready for the shotgun start.


Saturday Course status red please carry if able. Holes Changed, Tee set with some Strimming work being done before a range pick. Still a little cold out - 2.


Frosty Friday - Course Status Red, please carry if able. -3 Degrees this morning 🥶 so the Course is a lil crispy! Frosty Setup completed.

Tree limbs continued

Fire piles around the Site tidied up.

Strimming of exposed trees now long rough is down.

Some work to the 3rd Approach a lil later on too.


Thursday - Course Status Red, please carry if able. -3 Degrees this morning, so limited work to the Course other than Tee Setup, Divot & Bins, boring stuff!

Machinery love to keep them working hard with all the stuff the Team get up to.

7th Tree Line behind the green being finished up today. This task didn't quite go to plan yesterday... A makeshift bridge to get the digger into a neighbouring Field sunk & got stuck in the Ditch, hindering progress 🤣. As always, the Team adapted, towed it out and cracked on by hand albeit slower than planned.

Benefits already showing instantly with light to a problematic green! 🤩


Wednesday - Course Status Red, please carry if able 😘 Greens dew removal, Fresh Pin position's, lots of blowing, weeding, raking along with Woodland Maintenance around the course lifting canopies & Tree thinning behind the 7th Green to improve Winter light to the Green ☀️ Practice Ground Closed 12 till 2pm for Maintenance.

10th & 15th Greensides Turfed... please, please, please, do not walk on the Turf to enter and exit the Bunker to retrieve your ball. Use the boards as provided 🥰 Thank you