The Windlesham Young Golfers Programme is a dedicated golf development programme for children aged ten and under.  It runs at weekends in the spring, summer and autumn terms and is now in its third year.  It has been continually revised and improved to become one of the best development programmes in Surrey for young junior golfers.

The programme is designed first and foremost to be fun.  Every session involves fundamental movement skills, games, challenges and instruction to assist in skill and technical development.

The programme uses a cap system which works in a similar way to Karate belts, each colour representing a higher level of achievement.  This has been developed to encourage our young golfers to keep challenging and improving all areas of their golf, until they are ready to become junior members.

The programme caters for complete new comers to the game while also challenging the more experienced player.  Children are placed with others of a similar age and skill level during sessions to help build new friendships and confidence.

For more information about the programme including term dates and costs please contact ben.ross@windleshamgolf.com