Friday – Course Status Red, please carry if able. Greens getting a nip this morning.

Followed by an overdue application of various forms of Nutrition making up a nice Turf Hardener package 🤤 a few of the periodic table in the tank… N, Mg, Zn, Mn, Ca plus some PGR & penetrant wetter in preparation for tonights rain.

We know, we know… why are we out here with machines yet it’s Winter Wheels & no buggys etc… The surfaces need maintenance & spray applications to keep them happy regardless of status 😘 This application will be done with 2 half tanks to reduce the weight of the machine over the Greens, in an effort to limit damage.

Tee’s trimmed, fresh pin position’s along with blowing & some random cementing/security upgrades

Turf finally able to be collected today, after a week long delay with the Turf Farms up North covered in snow. 3rd RHS approach run off turfed this pm after the busy Team get the Course setup for you lovely lot 😀