Friday – Course Status Green.

Greens getting a nip with no VL. These perimeters are only done a few times a week as they quickly get beaten up with traffic from play and operations.

Fresh pin position’s.

An on track application of Acid’s, 3 Forms of N, along with some Zn, Mn, Mg, MOP, MAP, Trinexapac-ethyl & some Wetter to keep surfaces tickety-boo! 😎

Fairway’s getting a mow Left to right with no VL, then a mow a lil later Right to Left + VL to tidy them up for the weekend.

1st Cut of Semi getting its regular second mow.

Tee’s getting a cut, then a spray later with Wetter once the sprayer is done on the greens.

Daily setup tasks completed, along with the most requested thing in the world of Golf…. Fresh Ball Washer Fluid 🤣

Have a good day… love from the Team 😘