Thursday – Course Status Red, please carry if able. Daily Setup tasks this morning which consists of Switching those pesky worm casts, Divot yesterdays play, moving the markers, empty Bins, trimming holes, blowing/weeding & raking bunkers plus more!

All along with detail work of edging plinths & wire brushing benches to clean them up a smidge.

Practice net baffles being replaced this morning after being destroyed by golf balls 🤪

Fertiliser applied to certain areas around the course… Easier with some homemade reflective posts to see where your going in the dark 🧐

Just for info to those who are wondering……. the area to the right of the 3rd Green had its turf stripped friday, slope softened and was ready for turf Monday, but due to snow fall on the Turf Farm up North there has been no Turf deliveries all week 😔 It will completed as soon as some is available. The challenges we face that im sure nobody ever knows about 😜