Friday – Course Status Green with a heavy shade of grey ⛈️

Greens having a break today with no operation being completed due to the forecast & conditions. Not going to lie… as much as its frustrating getting rain the day before Club Championship, we needed some good stuff from the sky to perk up the areas where Irrigation coverage is limited or zero. We have had no rain for 20 days, Course has coped well though, its doing alright!

Approaches nipped,

Tee’s getting a mow,

A heavy Divot on the Tee’s behind the mowers & some buckets slung on the busy area’s on the Fairways,

Fairway Pop Ups getting a spin & trim,

Bunkers & high traffic area’s receiving some wetting agent to try and regain some colour,

Car park tidy & blow,

Member Buggy Maintenance,