Monday – Course Status Green.

With a decent end to January & a fab start to February it looks like from Wednesday the dry spell is changing😔

2 inches at the start of Jan within 4 days and with only 6 days more in the remaining days of Jan we could crack on and get some catching up done.😎

It still ended up a nearly normal January with rain, but more concentrated to a few days rather than spread over the month.

Dew less morning, perfect to get a nip on the greens without bringing up too much applied granular fert.

Approaches getting a trim.

Tee’s getting the same with the plan to get all surfaces cut before Wednesday’s change in weather.

Fairways getting a top up of Nutrition & Wetter.

Some secondary drainage getting completed while firm enough to get out here and make a positive impact with little mess.

10th Greenside shaping continues.