Easter Sunday – Course Status Red, carry Bags if able.

Surfaces dried out to their driest…. before tonight’s rain and a damp forecast for the week.

Far from ideal…however, a massive push to get some surfaces cut before they get even less ideal.

Greens trimmed.

Overdue last application of an in-house mix of Turf Hardener. Looks like only chance to get some N, P, K, Mg, Mn, Zn, Ca, PGR & Wetter to keep pushing water down out the surface.

Fresh Coloured Pin Position’s.

Approaches cut.

Fairway’s getting a Messy Mow as they need a nip. Expect some clippings and some mark’s…. needs must.

Bunkers getting a Scratch.

Practice Ground Ball Collection after the Course is prepared for the day.