Wednesday – Course Status Green.

Greens rolled,

Fresh Coloured Pin Position’s, avoiding Club Champs areas 😛

Moisture control and watering where needed…. no overheads on the greens for a while and hoses adding exactly what they need in certain areas 😎

Tee’s planned fortnightly wetter application and some overheads behind to get it into the profile. Perfect conditions to get the drier spots back in control

Bunker TLC this morning to top off the stalks… limited fleshy growth at the moment, just the odd plant throwing its energy into going vertical. Flymo, strim, blow, weed and scratch. Bunkers are a labour drain yet still hard to keep consistent with so many variables in and around them.

2nd Cut of Semi topped

Clubhouse beds enjoying the break in heat…

Odds and sods later on 🤩