Wednesday – Course Status remains “All Carry” with a 10th Tee Start.

A naff ending to 2023 has crept into the start of 2024…. 😒

2023 was the wettest year for nearly 10 yrs, but im sure we all agree that the Course certainly didn’t show that. We ended 2023 with 950mm of rainfall, on the dot! 242mm (nearly 10 inches in old money) over average.

For those stat fans…. 2023 ended with these figures…

236 days of Green Status, 65%

27 days of Amber Status, 7%,

71 days of Red Status, 19%,

25 days of “Carry Only” Status, 7%,

6 days Closures, 2%,

Lots of debris, tree’s and fences down yesterday as well as nealy an inch of rainfall in 2 days too!

Limited machines out this morning, other than utility vehicles carrying blowers and tractors carrying debris in trailers!

Some repairs to pathways too…

Enjoy the walk all those out getting some excercise.