Good Friday – Course Status “All Carry” with a 10th Tee Start.

Course Setup in progress to clear up the debris and chaos from yesterday’s wind and 42mm of Rainfall in the last few days. 289.5mm in the last few months, over 11 inches in old money.

Limited access on the 17th Fairway, but this will improve later in the morning once water levels naturally lower into backed up ditches.

Some surface water around over the Course on the Outfields, but putting surfaces good to go even if a lil soft and slow. However… drains working flat out and performing well considering.

Some Pin position’s moved, but remain the same Colour if the Stability of the pin has been compromised by the wind.

Bunkers getting a Scratch…. these will be like concrete after soooo much rain the last few days, it’s not because “There is no sand in them” like some people believe 🤪

Marking out cut throughs in the long rough and post and rop going out to help control traffic through these areas.