Sunday – Course Status Green, please carry if able. Limited muddy areas out here…. but take a few steps more and walk around them please 😘

Freak frosty start again…. grrrr, so all our hopes & dreams to get our plans implemented destroyed 😢

Winter setup this morning.

Now for the bad stuff…… 😠

Yesterdays reported damage to 15th Green spun out & pin moved away from the area. Would love to know the logic behind a Member choosing to deliberately damage their own Course? Its Bonkers…. if you know the culprit, please report or even better if you did it, come in for a chat and own up. Whatever the logic was behind it, lets chat! 🤔

More damage on the same hole. Nice to see that regardless of signage saying stay off the Turf, it being roped off & boards laid to give safe access into the constructed bunker, someone decided to take the challenging shorter route and climb up the face!

I guess rather than the 10 steps more back out the safe way that was a much better quicker idea to destroy the Teams hard work. Seriously!

I guess the sensible more controlled thing for us as a Club to consider, is put the pins on Temporary Greens till a Greenside Bunker has grown in to stop this from happening? That will go down like a lead balloon but at least it eradicates damage.

Rant over 😬…. come on players, help look after your own Course!

In more exciting light hearted news…. the ball washer on the 8th has been repaired… panic over 😃