Thursday – Course Status Green.

No operation to the greens today after the recent heat and more especially yesterday’s roaster! Huge difference in temperature today.

Greens getting their fortnightly application of Mollasses, Seaweed & Wetter to keep them happy and alleviate some stress from the last few days.

A sprinkle of overheads to wash off the leaf to where it needs to be. Levels checked before, so we know what ones desire more or less water.

Fairway’s getting a day early double cut, so we can get some divot mix out on them tomorrow prior to Captains Charity Day Saturday 😎

Bunkers getting some intense love and time spent on them.

Daily setup tasks completed with yesterday’s play divotted….. this hopefully shows how happy the Membership is by how busy and destroyed the Tee’s get daily 🤪🤣