Sunday – Course Status Green.

Greens nipped with no VL, + brush off to reduce last weeks dressing being “flicked” up.

Greens smashed with pitchmarks… a few feet away from the pins too! Come on Ladies & Gents, look after your Course, you must of seen these 👀 . It certainly wasn’t a Golf Day which is the normal response 🤔

More desirable grasses on the Greens loving the Heat & Dry Conditions, thriving!

Other species not enjoying it so much, so more hosing where needed in these areas,

Fresh Coloured Pin Position’s, we always move these Sunday so the Course plays different each day over the weekend 😀

Daily setup tasks completed,

Last weeks weed spraying trials on the Practice Ground showing some positive results with some new products 🥳

Guess what…. Practice Ground Ball Collection later on 🤪