Friday – Course Status “All Carry” with a 10th Tee Start.

Some comments buzzing around saying “It is essential that we have to be open” even if shouldn’t be… strange as the comments we get if we do close for a day are “we are always closed”🤣 lose lose!

Yes, it is essential that we are open for our Members, as long as it is not unsafe to play, or a risk of detriment to the Course…. or we would close it!

So if this is your only chance to play this week, try and enjoy it but bring a pair of socks to get changed into after 😛

February has been a very wet month so far… over double the monthly average already with a week left to go. 102mm so far, 4 inches. Last Feb we had 5mm 😬

Some surface water out there this morning on Fairways, but draining well.

Putting surfaces clean.

Greens dew removal,

Fresh coloured pin position’s,

Sand traps scratched along with animal damage leveled off.

Outlet clearing to keep water moving off the site.