Friday – Course Status Green, Start off the 10th with all 18 Holes in Play 💪

Greens dew removal…. todays rain should bash some grains into the profile🌧

Fresh Coloured Pin Position’s…. however, some Colours may not represent their zones, due to Saturday’s Cross Country requested Pin Position’s. Regardless of Colour, grip it & rip it to the middles and you wont be far off any pin 🤣 😉

Daily Setup tasks

Car park works to identify a walkway that keeps getting blocked with cars…. the flaw with being a busy place now 😃

Fairway’s have been blessed with a rope & a Double Cut the last few days. Over the moon with how these has weathered the harsh wet winter with soooo much play. Going into the season with too much grass, a good problem but still a problem as they need more mowing 🤪 Massive funds thrown at these as they are the largest playing surface on the Course! Paying off for sure.

200 Various size Tree’s being planted as per Annual Programme.

Cracking week getting some serious Maintenance in. We did however have some not so positive results after doing necessary work. An area at the back of the 3rd Green has become unstable after some agressive work to get it recovered after the wet period. This area has some germination sheets over it to force a quicker recovery. Gotta crack eggs to make omlettes and this is the result of necessary evil.