Thursday – Course Status Green, Front 9 Open for Play while we conduct more Maintenance to the Back 9.

Yesterday the Front 9 Greens got a dry’ish Roll, which brought up some sand, but then a Drag Matt to bash the clumps up and let it fall below the leaf.

Also some areas got spoilt with some Mowers over them 😃

Back 9 Tee’s Getting some cultural work the same as yesterday’s Front 9.

Then a Mow,

Heavy Divot plus a Dress to them all, with a double bubble pass over the par 3’s & softer Tee’s.

1st Cut of Semi on the Back 9 getting a cut.

Back 9 Fairways getting a rope then a mow later at a reduced height.

Contaminated Sand slung on some carrys to recycle the material and also Improve these areas long term.