Wednesday – Course Status Red, please carry if able to. Practice ground closed 12 till 2pm for Maintenance.

Please take a few extra steps to avoid muddy areas…..especially trolley users as these trolleys pass the same point over and over again 😘

No operation to the greens this morning, just holes reset and excess overhang trimmed.

Outfield surfaces getting some love before the heavy chunk of rain tomorrow. These surfaces are Tees, Approaches & Fairways. Expect some mess….but less than their will be if we leave them till a later date.

Holding off on greens trimm till just before the rain tomorrow…..

Soil transportation to the 3rd Fairway Bunker. Last Bunker build of the 2023/2024 Winter Works 😎

Member Buggy Maintenance.

Machinery love in an advanced effort ready for March Course Maintenance.