Wednesday – Course Status Amber, Back 9 Open for Play while we conduct more Maintenance to the Front 9. Practice Ground Closed 12-2 for Maintenance.

Long shift for the Dream Team yesterday on the Course…. Conditions weren’t as favourable as Monday’s were for the Front 9, but a solid effort with a smidge more sand left than we would like. Decent considering 💪

Tee’s Getting some cultural work. With the naff weather gifted to us for Maintenance week, its just a deep slit for them. A little bit of something, is always better than nothing!

Then a Mow,

Heavy Divot plus a Dress to them all, with a double bubble pass over the par 3’s & softer Tee’s.

1st Cut of Semi getting a trimm, certain types of grass have gone bonkers!

Fairways getting a rope then a mow later at a reduced height.