Tuesday – Course Status Amber, Front 9 Open Only with Course Maintenance on the Back 9. A copy and paste of yesterday’s workload, just on the other 9 holes. Some repairs first thing to get us through another busy day!

Greens trimmed,

Followed by a double Scarify down to -8mm to get rid of some unwanted rubbish and make room for some sand.

Heavy dress behind,

16mm spike over the top,

Sweep some sand into the Scarified slits & holes,

A 13mm deeper spike over the top, to vary the aeration channel depths and target different layers

Another sweep to work more sand into the new holes.

Cheeky roll & reinstatement of the Hole,

Drag matt to finish 😎

Back 9 Fairways getting a slit

Yesterday’s finished product was pretty good….  lets hope for the same on this loop of 9 🙏