Thursday – Course Status Amber.

Super fresh this morning… 🥶

Driveway & Car Park Rock Salted.

Winter Setup in progress with yesterday’s play divotted but Markers will not be moved due to frozen ground.

Machinery all started up and warmed up to keep fluids moving and batteries happy.

Some more Woodland Management continued once the tracks on one of the Excavators has thawed out… crazy weather and always affects your productivity in crazy ways!

Brush cutting of Ditches & other areas continued.

7th Bunker Construction has been a slow process and will continue to be slow going…. We are now struggling to get Turf to complete the Bunker due to Snow & hard ground conditions meaning Turf is not being produced. We have had a small delivery but this will only do a small part of the Bunker. Just some info im sure you never would of knew 😃