Sunday – Course Status Amber, those who can carry please do 😍

3 days with no rain has been a blessing & highlights the investment in the Course. Super wet start to December but with a small break it dries out well #Cleanshoes&trousers 🤪

Greens dew removal, holes trimmed & surfaces getting a smidge of blowing where needed.

Daily setup tasks completed in front of play, Tee’s set, switched of them dreaded 🪱 casts & divot of yesterday’s play. This is done daily to ensure yesterday’s play recovers asap and keeps the Tee’s as neat as possible all year round. There will be some leaves out here thats for sure, we clear an area and within an hour they are back…. not long till all down. 🤞

Bunkers getting a blow and a tickle…

Ball collection after the Course work. 😃