Tuesday – Course Status Green with a 10th Tee Start.

Normally it’s a plea to our lovely Members to Carry if able…. however the focus now is to please keep trolleys & Buggies out of the Longer Rough 🙏

Green’s getting a trimm.

With a dusting of sand behind to even out the low spots from recent renovations.

Sprayer out over the top with a mix of Mollasses Sugars & a residual wetting agent to get them ready for the drier weather 😎 🤞

Overhead Irrigation to get the Sugar’s & Wetter into the profile…. plus bash the Sand in a smidge.

1st Cut of Semi trimmed.

Fairway Overseeding Continues. Excuse the bags that look like they have been fly tipped 😅….. its to keep the slow process going and lose the need to travel in to fill.

1st/9th Ditch works continues….

Please be cautious of the Team over the brow on the 1st.

Couple of damaged areas on greens from Renovations getting patched up where they have refused to play ball 😕 Growth on Greens is still slow compared to outfield areas due to the difference in grasses.