Friday – Course Status Red, carry bags if you can.

Greens getting a trimm before the weekend.

Application of various forms of N, P, Mg, Ca, Zn, Mn with PGR & Wetter in the tank too! Keeping these greens plodding along with all the play we get from happy Members…. 🤪🤞

Approaches getting a nip, not ideal conditions out here so expect some mess… but less mess than if we left these area’s till next week.

Plus Tees getting some mowing action,

Fresh Coloured pin position’s,

Soil transportation continues…😴

Putting green getting its deep then shallow spike later this morning… so expect some noise on the Putter about 10am.

Tee’s getting a heavy divot after mown with the warmth and rain on its way tomorrow night 🤯