Monday – Course Status Red.

Half an inch more Rainfall yesterday… so a few areas of standing water 😕

Daily Setup Tasks Completed. Casts knocked & yesterday’s play divotted.

Sand Traps scratched.

Fairway slitting starting a week early in far from ideal conditions…. however the weather isn’t getting any more positive so the higher & drier Fairways getting started ar least with Betsy Blue & the Old dog of a Slitter. Old School is cool 😎

Drainage around the back of the 11th Started. Targeting some problematic areas around the Course that have popped up this Winter. Pics to follow of the actual work, some prep work to do before… but here is one of Tom getting a Tow Bar on the tractor we will be using as a start 😆

Fire site on the left of 18 getting a burn up 🔥