Thursday – Course Status Amber.

A chilly subzero morning of -2 today 🥶

Daily setup tasks prior to play…. but limited…

Fairway mowing continues… far from ideal ground conditions for the leaf… but perfect for limiting 🪱 cast smearing so needs must. Poor guy on this job…. dont expect a wave if you see him… his hands will be numb 🤣

7th Bunker abandoned as ground conditions are like tarmac… so with that… tarmac chippings are being used on some turning corners of the path network for improvements.

10th LHS Bunker having boards moved to the area & ground broken to keep Winter Works moving as shaping 7th Bunker is postponed.

Fire site on 6th turned over and onto the next woodland project on 13th.

Maintenance Compound tidying while dark… then onto some strimming of areas when light.

Machinery repairs to older vehicles to keep them in shape.

Enjoy…. definitely some long drives off the Tee this morning… good luck getting backspin on the greens though 🤪