Supplementary Scores and Online Scorecard Entry

In order for the Team to process scorecards in the safest manner whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines, we request that Members now enter their scores below. Once submitted, the Team will process the score. 

Follow the details below to submit your scorecard:

  • Scores will only be accepted, if registered with the Golf Shop prior to the round.
  • As normal, please enter your GROSS score.
  • If you do not score on a hole, please put 0 (zero) – do not leave the hole empty.
  • Div 1 players (handicap 5.4 & below) are not permitted to submit Supplementary Scores.

Any questions, should be directed to

Please allow up to 12 hours for this to show on your handicap record.

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    Please keep a copy of your scorecard if a validation of the scorecard is required.

    Failure to provide a copy of the scorecard on request, could result in the score being cancelled.