Last weekend, 24 mixed pairs stepped out into the Easter Monday sunshine to compete in this year’s Neapolitan.  The Neapolitan is arguably the most complicated event of the year, with each mixed pair competing in three separate six hole competitions.  The scores are then added together to determine who the Neapolitan winning pair is over the full 18 hole course.  Thankfully the hard work of calculating handicap allowances for a 6 hole better ball, 6 hole greensomes and 6 hole foursomes competition had been worked out by the Organisers and the competitors could just concentrate on their golf!  It was glorious out on the course thanks to the hard work from the WGC Agronomy team, which was complemented by the blue sky and temperatures soaring into the mid-20s, such a difference to the freezing cold weather the week before and the complete washout for the event last year!

After golf, the competitors enjoyed a delicious lasagne while awaiting news of the winning scores.  There were lots of prizes to be won and excellent results recorded in all the formats.  Thanks to Club Captain Lee Wood for overseeing the prize giving.

Overall, the Neapolitan winners were:

Winners: Anna Sokolova and Sergei Vorobyev (43 points)

2nd Place: Susan and Michael Holland (42 points, 18 points back 9)

3rd Place: Lynn and Mark Lambert (42 points, 15 points back 9)


There were also prizes for the winning pairs in the three 6 hole competitions, and these were won by:

Better Ball: Indeg and Stuart Curtis (16 points)

Greensomes: Jacqui Cawley and David Hall (18 points, 9 points last 3 greensomes holes)

Foursomes: Sam Randall and Jason Grech (13 points, 8 points last 3 foursomes holes)

The next mixed pairs event is the Spencer Crow, which will be held on the Bank Holiday on Monday 6th May.  The format for this event is Foursomes and the sign-up sheet is available on Handicap Master.