Bunker Construction

Our last communication post mentioned about some pretty poor weather conditions that forced us to pull off the 13th Fairway Bunker.

As soon as this weather changed, we were able to get on and complete the 13th Fairway Bunker and get the area turfed.

We then moved onto our next planned bunker, the left-hand side of 10th Fairway.

This one has been completed other than turf, which will arrive when the weather is more appropriate for turfing and we will not make a mess of the area while doing so.

Following completion of this bunker, we started transporting material to the fairway bunker on the right-hand side of 10th. So far we have transported nearly 300 tonnes of material to fill the old bunker and soften off the area around it to make the bank more natural.

Progress was very good on this bunker until this week with the snowfall which has forced us to abandon the bunker for a short while until the area becomes more stable for our large machines.

Based on our original plan we were due to be finishing the 10th Fairway bunkers by the 8th of February. As you can hopefully understand, this recent snowfall will result in us falling behind by possibly a week or two, so please bear with us.

The original plan was to move from the 10th Bunkers to the 1st Fairway Bunker, then finally to the Chipping Green.

We will be swapping the order around so we commit to redevelop the chipping Green Bunker next and finish on the 1st Fairway Bunker.

Gravel Banding Drainage Work

We have completed the “Gravel banding” drainage work on the 7th fairway and started the 5th Fairway.

This is a process of creating drainage channels of gravel that help move surface water away and into the drainage pipe system on the fairway.

As explained in our previous communication, we will be completing this over a matter of weeks/months when our digger and tractors are free and not being utilised for other work. The “Ploughing” action of the machine into the soil can create a raised area, but with Winter Rules in place, this should not affect the lie of your ball.  This “gravel banding” operation will be a process that we hope will not affect your golf experience here at Windlesham and we will try to complete before golf or at times of less golf pressure.

Once we have completed the 5th we will be moving on to areas of the 17th and 9th Fairways to continue to improve winter playability.

Woodland Work

With the project work on the bunkers being stalled due to the weather, we will be completing some woodland work on the left of 14th.

As you can see from the pictures below, this area is very messy and needs some attention. The first stage of our plans is to remove the closest edge of trees to help the view and access to the green from the Tee.

As you can imagine, if left unmanaged, plus when leaves form, this view will be even tighter for shots to be played onto the green.

Current Challenges

Snow & Frost


Several members have mentioned to the Team about Tee Markers not being aligned with the “Direction of play” in recent weeks and months. I thought this may be a good time to communicate to the Membership about the challenges of working in pure darkness to try and set the Course up for play. Hopefully, the picture below shows what we are faced with when trying to “Setup” the Course in total darkness. It’s impossible for the Tees to be pointed perfectly down the line of play and we ask for your understanding with this and other uncontrollable issues we encounter.

As always, we ask our Members for their continued help and support with keeping trollies away from Greens, Tees and helping protect your Course. We appreciate that rope on the course can be seen as a pain, but it certainly helps us protect areas and thank you for following them.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and please feel free to ask a member of the Team any questions you have.

Kindest regards,

Windlesham Greenkeeping Team