Bunker Construction

After a productive and successful couple of weeks since our last communication letter, we have now completed both the 5th greenside bunker and built a new 8th greenside bunker.

Due to the position of this newly created bunker on the 8th, we have had the flag on a “Temporary Green” for several days while constructing.

We understand this has been a nuisance to your enjoyment of the golf course and thank you for understanding.

This has certainly helped with the safety of the Greenkeeping Team and helped us complete this in excellent time.

We have started transporting material to the 13th Fairway bunker as we are due to start this one next. Work will commence on this bunker from the 10th of December till early January.

Gravel Banding Drainage Work

As communicated at the Clubs AGM/Forum, we have started to complete some “Gravel banding” to our 7th fairway.

This is a process of creating drainage channels of gravel that help move surface water away and into the drainage pipe system on the fairway.

We will be completing this over a matter of weeks when our digger and tractors are free and not being utilised for other work. The “Ploughing” action of the machine into the soil can create a raised area, but with Winter Rules in place, this should not affect the lie of your ball.  This “gravel banding” operation will be a process that we hope will not affect your golf experience here at Windlesham and we will try to complete before golf or at times of less golf pressure.

As you will have seen, we are putting more and more rope out to divert and protect known bad areas from damage. We would be hugely appreciative if you help us put the rope back if you have needed to move it to play your shot.

We kindly ask that all trolley & Buggy users please avoid any bald/sparse areas where possible to help give us the best possible chance of continuing recovery of the grass loss areas.

If able, please carry your Clubs.

Current Challenges


Autumn is well and truly with us now and we are happy with our progress with leaf clearance but as the Course gets to a more damp condition this becomes more and more difficult, please bear with us.


Daylight is now causing us problems in the mornings, we are completing work for several hours in darkness with head torches which means we are slower than with daylight. If we are in your way or only just in front of you please bear with us and we will be out of your way as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and any questions please feel free to ask a member of the Team. More updates will follow in the coming weeks.


Kindest regards,

Windlesham Greenkeeping Team