Grass Coverage

With all the recent poor weather, now seems to be a good time to comment on the drought-like summer conditions we had that caused us a large amount of grass loss. This dry spell almost seems like a distant memory now as we experience large amounts of rain most days.

Below, 13th Fairway in October during lots of work/irrigation to re-generate grass coverage.

This communication letter seems a good opportunity to comment on the improved grass coverage and protective methods we have used to help give us as much coverage as possible going into the winter period.

Below, 13th Fairway on Thursday 20th December

You may have noticed that we deliberately left our fairways grow slightly more “fluffier” than normal in recent weeks.

This was for several reasons:-

  • To continue to let the grass thicken up and to improve coverage.
  • Ensure that we, The Greenkeeping Team didn’t make more damage than good with our large heavy cutting equipment.
  • Having to pick the correct conditions to get the best possible cut with the least amount of mess from worm casts, wheel ruts and grass clippings.

Despite making mess in some areas, we are pleased with the overall current conditions and coverage of the fairways. We will be completing another over-seeding programme on some fairways/areas in March/April to continue to improve the coverage going into Spring/Summer.

Bunker Construction

Following a productive last spell of bunker construction finishing the 5th and 8th, we have recently been battling the weather and have been forced to stop with the work on the 13th fairway bunker.

We have got the bulk of the main work done and just need to install a drain and finish the final shaping. We are currently on time with our planned finish date of early January.

We have even made a start to transport material to the left-hand side of the 10th fairway, to do all we can to stay on track with our overall planned works.

Work will commence on the 10th Fairway Bunker from early January to mid-January.

Gravel Banding Drainage Work

We have continued progressing with the “Gravel banding” drainage work to the 7th fairway.

This is a process of creating drainage channels of gravel that help move surface water away and into the drainage pipe system on the fairway.

As explained in our previous communication, we will be completing this over a matter of weeks when our digger and tractors are free and not being utilised for other work. The “Ploughing” action of the machine into the soil can create a raised area, but with Winter Rules in place, this should not affect the lie of your ball.  This “gravel banding” operation will be a process that we hope will not affect your golf experience here at Windlesham and we will try to complete before golf or at times of less golf pressure.

Once we have completed the 7th we will be moving on to areas of the 5th Fairway to continue to improve winter playability.

Current Challenges


Since our last communication letter, we have moved a large percentage of leaves and the majority is certainly down off the trees. We will be continuing with leaf clearance where necessary right through past Christmas into the New Year.


As mentioned earlier, rainfall has certainly caught up with us after a drought-like summer. Below is 2017 vs 2018 and you will see that even with an extremely dry period around June/July, the recent rainfall has jumped us back up to normal yearly totals of rainfall. We have had nearly exactly the same amount of rainfall in the same period, but as the chart shows a large percentage of it has fallen in Oct-Dec. Red areas highlight days with rain over 5mm.

2017 June – December 20th              

355mm rainfall

2018 June – December 20th

354mm rainfall

As always, we ask our Members for their continued help and support with keeping trollies away from Greens, Tees and helping protect your Course. We appreciate that rope on the course can be seen as a pain, but it certainly helps us protect areas and thank you for following them.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and please feel free to ask a member of the Team any questions you have.

Kindest regards, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

Windlesham Greenkeeping Team