As Club Captain, it’s my job to chair meetings of the Committee. The Committee is a group of member volunteers who typically have a role on the committee but are also on the committee to represent the membership and ensure that things that are top of mind for our members are discussed and where appropriate resolved, improved, or changed if possible.

As you may know, the Captaincy and role on Committee as Chairperson commences immediately after the AGM which takes place at the beginning of October.

As I start my year I am delighted to say that we commence with all roles on the committee being filled. If you click on the link here, you see both the committee members and learn more about the roles they are responsible for.

This committee represents a broad cross-section of our membership. However, it must be said that we may not know every single member at the club. This, in turn, means that we may not be hearing all the voices that may want to raise questions and or concerns to the attention of Committee. The email address here ( is a good means to be in touch with your committee. All emails are reviewed by the committee and where appropriate owned by a committee member or other designated person. Our aim is to acknowledge and respond, where relevant, to all the emails received and to keep the sender updated on progress and outcomes (again where appropriate).

Your committee is here to help you get the most out of your golf membership at Windlesham Golf Club, please feel free to contact us on matters that you would like discussed.

Lee Wood

Club Captain, on behalf of the Committee