I said in my address to those present at the AGM on October 1st that one of my focus areas for the year would be on communication, so I will start as I mean to carry on!

However, it with great sadness that we learned about the passing of Sheena Lumley on Saturday 13th October. Sheena has been a regular visitor to the club, attended many functions and a great supporter, in particular of the Ladies section, over many years. Her presence at the club will be greatly missed by many, some of whom will have known Sheena since the club opened in 1994. Our condolences go to Henry and the Lumley family at this sad and difficult time.

The club has announced details relating to Sheena’s funeral and wake on the 26th October. These details can be found here.

On taking on the role as club captain, events and functions happen thick and fast. My first formal function was dinner with the past captains of Windlesham Golf Club, both men and ladies. The dinner took place in the Lutine Suite and tribute must go to Karol and his team, and the catering team, for a fantastic meal and great service. Although I didn’t quite know what to expect, the evening turned out to be great fun and highly informative! In the course of the evening, Graham encouraged all the past captains present to provide some words of wisdom to the incoming captain.  The advice was sage indeed and I shall no doubt use this advice throughout the next twelve months. We have a lot of characters that have represented the club as captains and the evening shall be remembered for some great banter and repartee. But perhaps the most rewarding part of the evening was to see Graham relaxed!

Thank you to all of those who played in the traditional Captain’s Drive In or who joined us for the lunch that followed. Glorious weather, some evidently good golf, a great atmosphere, and some fun, all contributed to a successful event. Tradition has it that the incoming captain must drive their ball down the 10th. I have to admit that even though I have been accustomed during my career to present to large audiences, there’s nothing quite like driving a golf ball in front of 90 plus fellow members and hoping your ball gets away reasonably well!

I also said at the AGM that I wanted to focus on providing feedback to WGML about the course and help to ensure we continue to play a course that we are proud of. Those of you that have played recently have either commented to me or noticed that Leigh and his team have been very busy working on the course and in particular those parts of the course most affected by the conditions experienced throughout the summer. A common phrase I have heard is “the course is coming back”. I know when we played on the Sunday of the Drive In, the greens played really well. Thank you to Leigh and his team for going the extra mile in recent weeks.

Please continue to share your thoughts on the course with me and other members of the committee. Together with the committee, we will maintain the dialogue about the course and improvements to the course in general with WGML.

Windlesham isn’t unlike many other golf clubs in so far as it has a diverse membership. Although I qualify to play, I must admit to never having played during the Thursday morning Highwaymen’s (HWM’s) roll up. That all changed three weeks ago when I joined the Highwaymen and played in my first round of golf with them. Thanks to the HWM for making me feel very welcome, I shall be making time to join you all again in the weeks and months ahead.

Windlesham Ladies and Junior Girls have featured prominently in Surrey Ladies golf competitions recently. On Saturday 13th October Gill Wood and Eva Lau competed in the final of the SLCGA Spring Match Play 2018 at Hankley Common. Congratulations to Eva on a 3 and 2 win. On the same day, Sophie Mardani and Ellen Yates competed in the final of the SLCGA Birley Trophy 2018 also at Hankley Common. Sophie emerged the winner of this match. Congratulations to Gill, Eva, Sophie and Ellen for a finals day lockout in these two competitions, a first in our history involving Windlesham only players.

Finally, I chaired my first committee meeting recently. We discussed a wide range of topics including refurbishment of the starters hut, shower facilities, the creation of a memorial golf day, communication regarding the R&A rules changes coming into effect in 2019, and improving communication to the Ladies section, to name just some of the discussion topics. Don’t forget you can read the minutes on the website after they have been approved at the following meeting. You can expect to hear or learn more about these subjects in the coming days and weeks.

As I stated earlier, it has been a hectic start. Look out for further updates by me and the committee going forward. Look out too for opportunities to play in different events in the run-up to the end of the year on Handicap Master, not least the annual Turkey Trot on December 2nd.

Wishing you all a great season’s golf,

Lee Wood

Club Captain