Since the issue of the AGM Notice posted on Monday 10 September 2018, Mark Lambert has decided to step down from the role of Competition Secretary on the Committee.  Mark has very helpfully offered to remain on the Competition Sub-committee to assist the new Competition Secretary.

The AGM Notice advised the membership that the position of Diary Coordinator was vacant and that Malcolm Wells was a nominee for the role.  Malcolm is keen to take the role of Competitions Secretary rather than Diary Coordinator.

The Diary Coordinator position, therefore, remains vacant.  A member who may be interested in assisting on Committee should contact Lee Wood or myself.

Club Rule 8.2.5 permits vacant positions to be filled at the AGM without any notice period required.  It is the intention of your Committee to nominate Malcolm Wells for the role of Competition Secretary at the forthcoming AGM.  It is hoped that a volunteer can be found by that date for the position of Diary Coordinator.  If that does not prove possible, the Committee has the authority (pursuant to Rule 8.1.5) to co-opt a member into that role after the AGM.

The Members’ Funds Accounts are now available (click here, and here for notes).

Graham Robertson

Club Captain