Prior to the winter period, we will begin a pathway maintenance programme. This will involve the use of a brand new to the market “path flail”. We have contractors to complete this work on the 22nd, 23rd and 27th of August.

This method has proved to be extremely successful all around Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire at many courses. Some of these places are Queenwood, The Berkshire, Parkstone, West Hill, Worplesdon, Foxhills, Bramshaw, Stoneham and many more.


The Path Flail runs up and down the length of the path several times breaking the top layer into the loose material, filling the “pot holes”. Following this machine is a vibrating road roller to seal the surface.


As you can imagine and tell by the picture of the machine in action, this can be a very dusty and noisy process. The contractors will be using some dust suppression methods but believe this will still cause excess dust clouds.

The golf industry is the only sport that needs to carry out tasks and remedial work around guests and does not have the luxury of several days a week being closed like sports grounds.

With this note, we apologise for the disturbance and noise during this essential work and thank you for your patience.

We will be looking to do this every season to continue to improve our path network.

Kindest regards,

Windlesham Greenkeeping Team