As the extremely dry weather continues and looks to be with us at least for the coming week, we have decided to make full use of these dry ideal conditions.

Some of you may remember that after a poor winter and early Spring, it was very obvious and guaranteed that our long rough areas were going to be extremely thick and juicy.

Over the last 2 seasons we have doubled the size of the fairways and cut rough, but with the ground being so firm, golf balls are entering these areas even easier than normal. As a result of this, large areas are becoming “trampled down” early into the season, which makes finding golf balls even more difficult.

The current conditions are very favourable to start cutting and removing all the grass early and make a start reducing its nutrition.

It is our intention to begin doing this next week in areas around the course to get a head start into the process of improving the long rough at Windlesham Golf Club.

The flaw in doing so will be that we lose some definition in areas before some of our other key events are played at Windlesham Golf club.

This will not be a regular operation that we do at this time each year, but believe it will help massively as a potential “one-off” in making our long rough better in the future.

Excuse the pun, we need to make hay while the sun shines as they say!

Kindest regards,

Windlesham Agronomy Team