At Windlesham Golf Club, members enjoy every opportunity to play their golf in both bookable, pre-allocated (e.g. Competitions), and “roll up” tee times.

Roll up tee slots are available most weekend mornings between the hours of 08:00 and 10:00 am through the winter and summer months and are bookable in person when the pro shop opens (by 07:00 am latest). You can also telephone the pro shop from 08:30 to book any then available tee slots after 08:30 and up until 10:00 for that day only. At the weekend you can view the tee slots dedicated to roll-up via the online tee time booking system. Roll up slots are also available on weekdays between 07:00 and 10:00 in the summer months. Note that Ladies have first tee priority on Wednesdays until 10.28, and Seniors have first tee priority on Thursdays until 10.28.


What is Roll Up? The roll-up is an opportunity to play golf at Windlesham without having to think about booking your tee time in advance. The ethos of roll-up is about different people playing golf together in 4 ball groups (if possible and practical). This develops integration which in turn improves the wellbeing of the club as a whole.

What happens if I roll up at the weekend? On roll-up days (those days when a competition is not being held), when you roll up to play golf the pro shop will let you know an available tee slot(s), and let you know about opportunities to join other groups if you’re rolling up on your own. If you are rolling up with a friend(s) then you’ll be booked into a tee time slot that works for your group.

When I roll up or ring the pro shop after 08:30, can I add any players to my tee slot? Whether you roll up in person or telephone the pro shop after 08:30, you can book 1 additional player into the tee slot allocated to you.

Is the roll-up competitive? Only if you want it to be. Anyone rolling up can put a £1 into a prize pot and thereby be eligible to play for the sum of the pot in a winner takes all best stableford score competition. The pot is on the counter in the pro shop alongside a sign-up sheet where you enter your name and record your score after your game. Please note that juniors are not eligible to put a £1 in the pot, they are however welcomed to play in the roll-up tee slots.

However, if you decide you don’t want to play for the prize pot, you are not obliged to, the roll-up is not a competition.

If I play for the prize pot will my handicap be amended based on the results (my stableford score)? No.

Does my handicap restrict me from playing in the roll up? All members (men, women, juniors) with a competition and non-competition handicaps can roll up and play.

Does my handicap restrict me from winning the prize pot? If you do not have a competition handicap you cannot play for the prize pot.