Spring 2018 has been far from kind with excessively high rainfall and even 2 large periods of snow cover in March. The current rainfall is seen below compared to 2017 of the same period.

2017 had 165mm of rainfall from January 1st. So far to this day we have had 243mm of rainfall and also roughly 150mm of snow. Some believe that to convert snow to rainfall is roughly a third, so around 50mm. This puts us currently at 293mm of precipitation vs 165mm.

As you’ll notice we are battling the elements, and are unable to get our mowers out on areas of the course as conditions are far from ideal. Doing so would cause a detrimental effect to the course. We have been able to get our machines on the greens, tees and approaches but are unable to cut the fairways, tee banks and rough.

The above picture is of a golf ball sitting on the 18th fairway, which has not been cut but the approach in front has.

The forecast is looking hopeful for next week, and as soon as possible we will get these areas cut.

We are equally as frustrated, as we are unable to carry on with our normal cutting regime, presenting the course at the standard we all would like.

Hopefully, a few clear days will make the conditions correct to complete these tasks without causing more damage, but we need to be patient and wait for our moment.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Kindest regards,

Windlesham Agronomy Team