Another year passes and here we are again, the 2018 Junior Scholarship Presentation Evening was held last month with Sky Sports Presenter Di Dougherty as our guest star to present the prizes.

We specifically wanted a female celebrity guest this year to recognise and celebrate the success of our Junior Girls in 2017. Last year saw the first ever all girl team entered by one golf club in any of the Surrey County Leagues and with the leagues reducing in size due to a lack of juniors it was great to see Windlesham fielding two teams in the Rookie League.

All our girls experienced success during the year winning events at Windlesham and throughout Surrey. On top of these successes, five of our girls have represented the County with Sarah Mardani and Ellen Yates going on to be selected as part of the England Regional Squad for 2018.

Congratulations to all our winning Junior Girls –

Alex Jakins, Evie Kircher, Sarah Mardani, Sophie Mardani, Alex Phelps, Ellie Monk, Lottie Woodham and Ellen Yates

2017 was also a year where we have said a fond farewell to some of our older Juniors, Ryan Morrison is in his first year in the American College system where he has had 2 top 3 and 4 top 10 finishes out of 6 events for his college team. Cavan Mallon is moving on to follow his dream of playing professional golf; he enjoyed success in 2017 winning the Oceanico World Kids Championship (as shown on Sky Sports) and is currently a member of the Windlesham Greens Staff. Sam Storey our Academy Cup winner, Club Champion and 3 time Junior Major Champion for last year has enjoyed 3 Scholarship victories over the years and also moves onto an American College in August.

These boys have been there from the very beginning of the programme and it is great to see how they have grown and matured through playing golf. They all say as do their parents that without the Academy Programme they would not be where they are today. They have all been exemplary in the way they have grown over the years and are examples as have many others, of why this programme is so important.

From the Academy Professionals point of view, it is hugely satisfying to be a part of this journey and I would like to take time also to thank all of you who have supported the Juniors and contributed to the Trust Fund in order for this ongoing success story to exist.  Moving forward, as one chapter closes another always opens, we have new Scholarship Winners this year and many juniors coming through to take over, ready to write their own history so congratulation to all our winners on the evening. Each Junior listed below has dedicated themselves to golf and Windlesham, they have practised hard, competed hard and have been respectful to others as they have done so, congratulations to all.

Girls Scholarships – Millie CottrellSophie MardaniLottie Woodham

Div.3 Runner-up – Sam Whitehead

Div.3 Winner – Yakov Vorobyev

Most Improved from 2016 to 2017– Adam Baker

Div.2 Runner-up – Alex Phelps

Div.2 Winner – Sam Dobres

Div.1 Runner-Up – Joe Silcock

Div. 1 Winner – Sam Storey

Academy Cup Winner – Sam Storey

At the end of the evening, Di Dougherty participated in the traditional Q&A session which she fielded with a genuine interest in what she had seen and heard and a passion for the way she had risen from a junior golfer to successful television presenter. Di was herself a County golfer and commented on how she was the only girl in her junior section, as were all the County girl players at that time. She did, however, comment that as she grew into her later teens that being the only girl did have its advantages.  Di was great fun to host, she really understood what we are trying to achieve with the programme and was very generous with her time when it came to the photos at the end of the evening.

You can watch the Presentation on Facebook via this link and if you would like to contribute to the Programme there are opportunities to do so within our Corporate Charity Day on the 22nd June.