Last Saturday, 24th February, I was privileged to attend the opening ceremony for the new CWSNF mobile homes at Church Farm, Pagham, near Chichester, in company with John & Kate Burton and Peter Lumley together with a number of patrons, supporters and beneficiaries of the charity.

Since joining Windlesham, I have been impressed by the generosity of the members in support of the Captains’ Charity.  This was brought home to me last year when Mick Archbold and I were deeply humbled by your level of support for our chosen charity, the Children With Special Needs Foundation.

We send our thanks to everyone for donating raffle and auction items, for the beautiful presentation of the raffle prizes, for selling tickets, for donations of 4-ball vouchers and vouchers for restaurants and local businesses, the Club Membership Raffle, the Captain & Pro Challenges and all of your miscellaneous donations and to the the Ladies’, Men’s, Highwaymen’s and Main committees for all your hard work and support.

In choosing our Captains’ Charity, Mick and I wanted to find a worthy local charity and we also wished to be able to provide a tangible legacy of the members generosity.  During the year we wondered what we may be able to provide.  In late summer, following the Bridge Club Charity Day, the Ladies Charity Bowl, the Captains’ Charity Day the Juniors’ Charity Day, and the Corporate Charity Day, we had an indication of the amount being raised and met with Gordon Parris (founder of CWSNF) to discuss how the money could be put to good use.  After an unusual silence from Gordon, he asked if we thought the members would like their donations to be used to replace one of the existing mobile homes at Church Farm, Pagham.  Mick & I were thrilled at the suggestion and Gordon set to work.  We later heard that the charity had received a substantial donation from the executors of the estate of Gordon Henry Turner, making it possible for CWSNF to replace both of their mobile homes at the holiday park.

Last Saturday, 24th February, I was lucky enough to attend the opening ceremony and to cut the ribbon for the Windlesham mobile home, assisted by Peter Gordon, patron of CWSNF.  The weather was perfect, if a little cold, and we could all imagine warm summer days sitting on the veranda, looking over the Lagoon.  Mick was unable to attend the opening due to his duties as the England captain for the Calcutta Cup at Windlesham, but sent a few words to mark the occasion:

“Gordon and Ann, a pleasure working with you during our year as Club Captain and Ladies Captain.

Kate and John, many thanks for your generosity in support of our chosen charity, The Children With Special Needs Foundation.

A fitting end to a successful year. Job well done.”