Its coming up to the end of the handicap year – how fast has 2017 gone!

A reminder that if you wish to retain a competition active handicap then you should ensure that you have completed three qualifying rounds in 2017 (any combination of 18 hole competition rounds, or 18 hole or 9 hole supplementary card rounds would do).

If you have not completed three such rounds by 31st December, then you will need to complete three additional such rounds in 2018 to enable you to recover your competition handicap. Until you have done so you would not be eligible for competition golf.

In addition, for your information, the annual handicap review will be carried out in early December. The purpose of the review is to ensure that player handicaps are reflective of their playing ability. It is an obligation of the handicap committee to ensure that this is the case and as such some members handicaps will be increased and some reduced. We have records of all competitions at Windlesham (both strokeplay events such as medals and stablefords and knock out events) and players should have been recording appropriate away scores on handicap master. We will base our review on objective evidence that we have available.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.


Tiku Patel

On behalf of the handicap committee

+44 7590 229970