I find it hard to believe that I have been Club Captain for one whole month already.  I don’t want the rest of the year to pass by at this pace.

Mick had warned me of how busy I would be in the first few weeks before and after the AGM; and he was not wrong.  It may have been busy, but I have loved ever minute of it.  If the rest of the year is as enjoyable as the first few weeks, I would recommend this role to you all.

The months of preparation leading up to the AGM and the progressive constitutional changes were challenging.  I would like to thank all those of you that attended the AGM and unanimously supported the proposed changes.  That was the highest AGM attendance that I can remember for many years.  Mick, Victoria, Tony, myself and the working group very much appreciate that support.

The changes were significant but demonstrate the progressive attitude of you, the members, and give us the best prospect of having a lady Club Captain.  I hope that is in the near future, not the long term.  For those of you for whom the changes passed you by un-noticed:

  • We no longer have:
    • a Ladies’ Captain or Men’s Captain
    • a Ladies’ Committee or Men’s Committee
    • any Vice Captains
  • The outgoing Club Captain stays on the Committee for another year, so we retain all that experience

The AGM was most memorable, though, for Mick’s emotional farewell address. Although emotional it was right on the money.  You can see Mick’s address by clicking here and mine here.  Vic also provided a parting address, linked for you here (p15-16).

I was looking forward to the Drive-in but was very worried with the weather forecast.  It was miserable from a weather perspective, but I still had a great day; and even managed to hit the ball down the middle of the 10th fairway.  No-one was more surprised than me.  If you would like to read the article and get the link to the pictures from the day, click here.

The photos from the day were taken by my daughter, Clare; to whom I am particularly grateful.  Our resident photographer, Tim Ockenden, flew off to Seattle to see his first grandchild, who was born at the beginning of September.  It is hard to believe that he put family ahead of club.  Anyway, I am pleased to report that Tim is back with us and has taken photos of the committee members so you can see them all on the website.  That will help you identify them.

Your new Club Committee is:

Graham Robertson – Club Captain

and in alphabetic order (by first name):

Andrew Fraser – Inter-club Match Coordinator

Gill Wood – Events Coordinator

Ian Greenaway – Seniors’ Representative

(until replaced after forthcoming Highwaymen’s AGM)

Kathryn Naylor – Club Treasurer

Lee Wood – Communications Guru

Lynn Lambert – Diary Supremo

Mark Lambert – Competitions Secretary

Mick Archbold – Past Captain

Neil Dainton – WGML representative

Sue Young – Secretariat

Tiku Patel – Handicap Secretary


Obviously I would like to record my thanks to our outgoing captains, Mick & Vic.  They went beyond their expected duties to assist with the proposals for the new structure.

I would also like to express the Committee’s thanks to Evelyn Somerville for her last six years on the committee looking after us all in the Secretariat role.  We will miss her and quietly hope for her return?

I wish to also give particular thanks to Malcolm Wells.  He very gallantly offered to give up his Treasurer role, one-year into a three-year term, to allow greater representation by ladies on the Committee and make way for the Ladies’ Treasurer, Kathryn Naylor, to join us.

So that leaves me to welcome the incoming Committee members: Andrew, Gill, Kathryn & Sue.

We have a very strong and capable Committee, which is a relief for me because we have a lot to deal with following the structural changes.  I know that we can deliver; but we need your help.  We, as a Committee, can handle the enormous number of events in the year (nearly 500 per annum at the last count!) if we can get a number of members to volunteer to help with the running of their club.  Please just volunteer to help with one or two per annum and we will have it covered.  Please step forward – contact any committee member or email us at committee@windleshamgolf.com

The Ladies AGM took place on 2 October and, following the constitutional changes, was their last.  They very kindly allowed me to address the meeting, as their new captain.  I have since attended three out of four of their post golf drinks on Wednesday.  I hope they don’t mind me turning up; some of them have actually invited me to play with them.  I must admit I like the idea of playing off the blue tees.

At both the Club AGM and the Ladies’ AGM I spoke about my chosen charity for the year, PARITY.  It is a local charity that looks after the needs of young adults with multiple disabilities.  I would really appreciate your support this year in raising as much as we can to assist them in their work.  The team of staff and volunteers are inspirational, as indeed are the beneficiaries themselves.  More detail is available from the attached summary or the charity’s own website www.parityfordisability.org.uk

We now show the roll-up times on the tee time booking system.  Previously the first available time might have appeared to be in the late morning or afternoon, when actually there were roll-up times for members from 8am-10am Saturday – Tuesday (incl) and 8am-9:30am on Friday.  Newer members might like to know that all you have to do is turn up and there will be other members to play with at these times.  The Pro Shop staff will assist you with that.

It has also come to our attention that members go to the Windlesham Golf Club website and log on straightaway, without taking the time to notice the banners on the Home page.  That is a key area where we advertise upcoming events and post articles of recent events.  Please take a few moments to look for any items of interest, because rather strangely they can’t be accessed once you have logged in!

I would like to remind you of the forthcoming events:

Quiz Night is on 7 Nov – a very popular event for teams of 6 with lasagna & salad £10

Turkey Trot on Sunday 3 Dec – a team event with a shotgun start followed by, you guessed it, turkey for lunch

Carols 6 Dec – a Christmas carol sing-a-long event; reverting to traditional lines (not the format of last year!) – with a one-course meal

New Year’s Eve dinner dance – always a great knees-up (do I need to say on 31 Dec?)

Burns dinner & dance on 3 Feb – not to be missed.  We have booked a live Ceilidh band (with dance caller) and a bagpiper.  You may not be rushing to the club for haggis but you will love the Scottish Country Dancing.  My wife, Susan, is English and she loves it.  I have arranged the evening to be a week later than the usual Burns’ events so that it won’t clash with your other arrangements.

With all that in store I am really looking forward to my next few months as your captain.  Who knows, I might even find some time for golf.

I shall finish with my thanks again to Mick, Vic, Evelyn & Malcolm.

….and to you for making me feel so welcome as I embark on this demanding role.



your Club Captain