Septembers Forum started with a brief introduction from Neil explaining that the purpose of this Forum was to communicate to the Membership this Winters proposed work. It was also mentioned that the club are currently in negotiations with machinery companies to replace the current fleet to continue developing the course in all aspects.

Leigh then began to speak about a successful summer period and how the course conditioning was improving and will continue to do so over the coming seasons. He then commented on how his team completed several projects such as bunker improvement, buggy network completion of the front 9, car park/entrance tidy, ecology work, nearly doubling the size of the fairways and beginning to tackle the long rough.

A few questions were raised below with explanations given,

Praise for reinstating the generous size fairways.

  • Will winter greens be used? – Only at times where there is a chance of detrimental damage to the course and if so, for as short a period as possible. This will always be communicated in advance.
  • What green speeds will be possible on a daily basis? – It was explained that we currently benchmark at around 10.5 feet and tailor our greens operations on maintaining these speeds.
  • Will the new blue tees be larger than the current ones? – The new blue tees will be made to a more suitable size and shape to keep them in character with the rest of the tees.
  • Do we conduct mole control onsite? – Yes we currently control moles in house and will continue to do so.
  • Will the bad tees be leveled? – Yes we will look to improve some of the poor tees when time permits and when other priorities are cured.
  • Will the 11th Green be re-leveled? – It is a possibility in time and something to look at in the future.
  • Are the travelers still causing problems onsite? – They have caused several issues over the season and Tony and Leigh are considering contacting them to discuss further if the issues become worse.

Plans for the 2017/18 winter period weather permitting include, bunker reconstruction, blue tee construction, drainage work, woodland maintenance and continued aeration work to improve the surfaces.

Thank you to those who attended the Course Forum on Wednesday night, we hope it was a useful insight into the hard work The Agronomy Team have put into the course over the summer season.

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