This much hyped and long awaited match took place on Sunday. Ignoring rule number one, ‘don’t go out on the first tee if it’s raining’, both pairs took to the course on a miserable cold and wet afternoon. Dan was determined to take advantage of the fact that for the first time in fifteen years he would be receiving shots from his opponents, three in total.

Hole one, first shot hole for Dan and an opportunity for the challengers to get their noses in front. Fortunately for captain and pro, a splendid birdie from Lee cancelled out Dan’s par.

Captain and pro went on to take an early lead. Two up approaching the fifth, Dan was bound to feature in his second shot hole. As expected the challengers pulled one back, but it was John who did the damage. All square at the turn, the match hung in the balance.

Dan and John edged in front as we rounded the twelfth, surely they would capitalise on their lead as we approached Dan’s third and final shot hole? You guessed it. It was John yet again who did the damage, this time with a net birdie. Captain and pro, two down and Dan’s shots gone, perhaps a late rally would get them back in the match?

It was looking good with Lee first in on the sixteenth for a birdie and an opportunity to pull one back. However, John countered with a birdie of his own. There was a further glimmer of hope on the seventeenth when the match was brought back to one, but unfortunately it was not to be. With Dan and John determined not to let the match slip, it was closed out with a half on the eighteenth and a one hole win for the challengers. Congratulations to Dan and John, very good golf in a match that produced some ten birdies in less than perfect conditions.

This was the final match in our Captain Pro series, a series which has raised in the region of £1500.

My sincere thanks to Lee for giving up his time in support of the Children With Special Needs Foundation, and to all those who have supported us in these matches, and your incredible generosity. Jay Pitchford, Lee Collis, Chris Pritchard, Mike Ware, Dion Taylor, Jonathan Hedges, Tiku Patel, Mike Lancaster, Jason Grech, Mark Lambert, Dan Ryan and John Howells…..thank you!

Perhaps not the best performance in a Captain Pro series, 1 half, 1 win and 4 loses, but nevertheless a most enjoyable and challenging experience. Good luck Lee for next year.