Windlesham’s success is based around our kaizen mantra, showing dedication to continuously improve and exceed previous standards. The club has been a hive of activity in recent years, with numerous improvements to the 6,650-yard championship course, while the spacious and contemporary clubhouse is now almost unrecognisable from the one that welcomed the first members and guests.

The club has positively thrived over recent years, and now takes pride in being one of the most successful golf clubs in an area of Surrey that is generally known for its ‘keep out’ and ‘private’ signs.

This success does not go unnoticed and attracts many visitors from across the world to sample Windlesham. After some discussions, it felt like the right time for the Lumley’s family to hand over the torch to a new leader. And so, the family owners have now accepted an offer and finalised an acquisition of Windlesham Golf Management Ltd. by Trump Golf.

Trump Golf intends to keep all of the current staff, and use this time as a surveying period as the club grows through the season. The POTUS himself personally commented on the deal with the following statement:

“We’re so glad to get Windlesham, everybody’s talking about it. The potential there is huge.”

Happy April Fool’s!