During my Captain’s address back in September last year I set an objective which was to review the existing new members’ pack and to look at how we could improve the way we integrate new members into the club.

Well, I’m really excited to say we have now completed this work. The result of this project is a brand new A4 brochure which is full of useful tips and advice, and a process which takes new members through a full and proper integration into Windlesham Golf Club.

On joining, new members will be given the brochure as part of their membership pack and progressed through a series of steps which involves receipt of their bag tag and membership card, setting up user access to the club website and Handicap Master, a taster golf lesson and introduction to the Academy, a one-on-one with Golf Operations and finally, an introduction to the relevant club section leaders.

This process not only ensures a new member is given every chance to take advantage of all that Windlesham Golf Club has to offer at the earliest possible opportunity, but it promotes awareness of our values and standards such as dress code, etiquette and general behaviour around the club.

This is an excellent piece of work brought together through the time and effort of a handful of people. My thanks go to Lee Wood in particular who headed up the project; and to the working group consisting of Ian Greenaway, Kathryn Naylor, Richard Pilbury, Graham Robertson and Evelyn Somerville.

Job well done!

Mick Archbold

Club Captain

If you would like to download the new brochure, please click here.