This is advance notice of a change being made to the layout of the course behind the 16th green.

Under the Rules of Golf red stakes are used to mark Lateral Water Hazards. The area behind the 16th green cannot be classified as a Lateral Water Hazard.

Given we are not compliant with the Rules of Golf then we are obliged to implement a solution that is. In conjunction with Surrey Golf, we have looked at the various options available to us and reached the conclusion, particularly with respect to Pace of Play, that the best solution is as follows:

  • The Red Stakes will be removed from behind the 16th green
  • White Stakes (Out of Bounds) will be placed a few yards inside the wooded area.
  • There will be two drop zones (to the left and right of the 16th green) that will be optional relief if players are in the wooded area (but not Out of Bounds)
  • The above will be added to our Local Course Rules.

Any player going into the wooded area behind the 16th (assuming they are not Out of Bounds) will have the option to:

  1. play the ball as it lies

or, under a penalty of one stroke

  1. take relief for an unplayable ball under Rule 28 or
  2. take relief via the drop zones as per the Local Rule which will be published.

Any player going Out of Bounds as defined by the White Stakes will have to proceed in accordance with Rule 27-1b.

To avoid a detrimental effect on pace of play, it is recommended that should any player believe their ball may have gone Out of Bounds or may be lost then the player should play a Provisional Ball under Rule 27-2.

It is envisaged that these changes will come into effect 1st April but a further note will be placed in the weekly newsletter nearer to the time that the change is implemented. In the meantime, any questions or queries regarding this change can be dealt with by the Golf Shop or via email to