Maintenance Week Programme

It’s a very big week for the team who will be working hard to achieve all the works in time for the course to fully open as soon as possible. The intention is to close the required holes on a daily basis, this has been very successful in previous years and the detail of course restrictions will be communicated on the website and through the Golf Operations on a daily basis in the usual way. The weather during the week and after will affect exactly how much we achieve and the recovery time. Folia feeds will be applied immediately after works to aid this recovery and set the course for the season.


All greens will be deep tinned to 200mm with a 20mm tine and followed with a 2nd deep tine to 200mm with a 12mm tine, this smaller tine will close up the larger holes at the surface and this will improve the recovery. During this process a large amount of top dressing will be worked down into the soil profile. This will be followed by a micro core to a depth of 22mm with 6mm tines as a form of organic matter removal from the surface, this will be followed with a lighter dressing and verti-cut into the canopy. The intention is to apply in excess of 50 tonnes of dressing in total during the week.


This is a major step forward from previous years with a much more intense programme for this surface. The results of this going forwards will be improved drainage and consistency of playing surface during the playing season.

Deep scarification will take place to a depth at 25mm in two directions followed by heavy top dressing. Deep tinning with a 19mm tine to 300mm will again be followed by a heavy top dressing and verti-cut into the canopy. The intention is to apply in excess of 40 tonnes of dressing in total during the week.


Deep tinning will take place with a 19mm tine to 300mm on the lower lying areas to include the full hole on the 7th. A full Scarify to 25mm will take place across all fairways to remove organic material followed by a spring rake to remove material and lift the grass canopy.

Other work

All hard surfaces will be treated with a total herbicide. Fertilizer and over-seeding will take place on all tees.

We will keep you updated on progress throughout the week through Twitter on @WindleshamAGR