Following on from our recent communication regarding the maintenance week, we are pleased to announce our forthcoming redevelopment works and these have been scheduled for the autumn to minimise disruption and to provide the best opportunity for recovery ahead of the winter.

4 Tee Options

Our long-term vision is to develop a four tee system to provide a fair test of golf for the varying golfing ability within our membership. This will include additional teeing options to shorten some of our carries/holes and longer-term a number of new teeing positions will be added to lengthen the course in certain areas.

For this autumn and following the trial in the spring; a number of new tee locations will be constructed and this will see new forward tees on holes 5, 6, 7 & 9. These works will go some way to provide a number of shorter options that will enhance the course for the ladies and some of our shorter hitters, especially during the winter months. These works will commence shortly and will finish by the end of September with the intention to bring them in to play ready for this winter. This is clearly weather dependent and we will keep you updated on progress.

* – The above new yardages are approximate and the holes will be re-measured after the works.

17th Hole Improvements

Fill in the first ditch – The 17th hole is probably one of the most challenging holes on the course and the current ditch location only penalises the shorter hitters. We will be filling the first cross ditch, which currently forces some golfers to lay-up and therefore unnecessarily lengthens the hole. This will be maintained as fairway and it will improve the maintenance with the removal of the two pinch points at the current bridge locations.

Improve Drainage – Works have already started to tackle the low spot on the left hand side of the 2nd part of the fairway. This new drainage network runs into the new open ditch to the left of the fairway which will then provide a quick exit route for the water from this troublesome area.

This new ditch will be developed to improve the visual impact and an upright sleeper wall facing the tee will be constructed with a sloping gradient in to the ditch. The aim is to have this water hazard visible from the tee and it will narrow the landing area for the longer hitters, adding to the strategy of the hole. The ditch will then turn in to a lateral hazard from the rough moving towards the tee and in to the existing waterway and out to New Road. Some remedial works have already taken place, however we will improve the aesthetics so that the new ditch provides an enhanced visual impact.

Additional Winter Works 

A number of improvements will also be taking place over the winter with a view to improving and enhancing the course as follows:

  • 3rd Green and Right Hand Swale – Works will be taking place to improve the drainage at the back of the 3rd green and at the same time we will making some remedial works to improve the quality and presentation of the swale to the right of the green. This will not only improve the winter drainage but at the same time will enable us to present the swale in the same hand-mown style as the approach to the 18th green during the summer months.
  • 12th Swale to the right of the green – Due to a lack of irrigation and some remnants of the previous greenside bunker, the swale on the right of the 12th green always suffers during the summer months and a lack of grass coverage makes it difficult to maintain this area as we would ordinarily like. This winter we will address these issues and we will re-mound, irrigate and re-turf this area so that we can maintain this swale with an improved grass coverage and a hand-mown finish in-keeping with other high profile areas of the course.
  • Woodland Management and Tree Planting – Our continued management of the shrub clearance to promote the growth of our prominent tree species will be recommencing this winter together with our commitment plant more trees following last winter’s successful addition of over 150 new trees around the 11th, 12th, 16th and 17th holes.

A full communication regarding the woodland management and tree planting will come out ahead of any commencement and this will follow in due course.

Download full details here.